Curriculum for 2021-22

A Day B Day
1st Period - Art/Drawing Portfolio - AP
1st Period - Art 2 Photography
2nd Period - 2-Dimensional Design Portfolio - AP
2nd Period - Visual Arts - Pre-AP
1st Lunch
1st Lunch
3rd Period - Conference
3rd Period - Conference
4th Period - 2-Dimensional Design Portfolio - AP
4th Period - Art 2 Photography
5th Period - Visual Arts - Pre-AP
5th Period - Art/Drawing Portfolio - AP
The images seen here are from the Quality Section of this (2018-19) school year's Advanced Placement  2-Dimensional Design Portfolios. Each student submitted 5 for this section, and 12 each for the Concentration and Breadth sections of their online College Board accounts.
Tutorial Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday
4:15 - 5 PM
956-427-3800 ext. 1605
Fax - 956-427-3867
The Pre-AP Studio Art Syllabus incorporates the 2-D, 3-D, and the Drawing Portfolios. Students are not required to submit a portfolio, but must still produce one.