Audio Video Production Lab I & I I

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Audio Video Production is a technical laboratory course. It provides students an understanding of the careers in the Audio / Video technology field. Students will learn to all aspects of video production. Students in this class will produce a variety of video productions such as Movie Trailers, Music Videos, Short Movies and News Production. Students will learn aspects of television production and serve in different jobs and positions in the Audio Video Industry.


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Audio Video Level One


Audio Video Level Two


Video tutorials


News Project


Outline and Storytelling


Script and Shooting Script


Based on a True Story


Picture This


Audio Audio


Period Time Course
1st A and B  8:15 - 9:45 AM Audio Video Production / Lab 2
2nd A and B  9:51 - 11:21 AM Audio Video Production /Lab II
Lunch  11:21 - 11:57 AM Lunch
3rd A and B
 12:03 - 12:53 PM Conference Period
4th A and B  12:59 - 2:29 PM Audio Video Production /Lab II
5th A and B  2:35 - 4:05 PM Audio Video Production I
Tutoring and Open Lab Schedule
Monday 4:05 - 5:15PM 
OPEN LAB: Lunch & after school until 5:00 PM as requested
Media Club after school every Tuesday
Wednesday 4:05 - 5:15PM 
OPEN LAB: Lunch & after school until 5:00 PM as requested
  Other times as requested

Class Norms:


Be an active learner.

Respect class property.

No eating or drinking in class.

No personal grooming.

BYOD as Directed.

No hall pass given out first or last 15 min of class.

Stay active and engaged from bell to bell.



Instructor Information:
Andres Torres
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Radio Television with emphasis in Production 


A video preview of what we do