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Name: Kristen Rike
Degree:  Master of Science in Agriculture Science (In-Progress)
               Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Science - Certified
                      Minor in Animal Science and Plant/Soil Science
Course Schedule:
             A-Day                                                                             B-Day
1A  Practicum in Agriculture: CVA                  1B    Practicum in Agriculture: CVA
2A  Veterinary Medical Applications / Lab      2B    Veterinary Medical Applications / Lab
3A  CONFERENCE                                        3B     CONFERENCE
4A Veterinary Medical Applications / Lab       4B    Veterinary Medical Applications / Lab                
5A Practicum in Agriculture: CVA                   5B    Practicum in Agriculture: CVA
4:15 - 5:15  by Appointment
Conference: Daily 11:27AM-12:17PM

Practicum in Agriculture: Veterinary Science I

(Veterinary Medical Applications/Lab) 

Teacher: Kristen Rike

Phone:  427-3800 ext. 1620                  

E-Mail: kristen.[email protected]

Conference: 11:27 – 12:17 at Harlingen South HS

Tutoring: By Appointment Only



Instructional Philosophy

Students will be engaged in a variety of projects and assignments to further training in the veterinary assistant field.  It will include animal handling and restraint, health and safety, sanitation, surgical preparation, anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, infectious diseases, instrument and equipment identifications, vaccine preparation and injection techniques, laws and ethics, and veterinary office procedures.  The student will be held to high expectations regarding their quality of work and personal behavior. Instruction will vary among the lesson being taught. Students will often work in teams, but will be expected to complete individual assignments.




Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Small Animal Management

Academy Acceptance

Grade Level: 11

Credits Possible: 2



Course Description

This is a comprehensive course the student will be practicing communication skills, utilizing listening skills to follow directions, practicing basic mathematics skills as applied to a veterinary medical setting, and reading to gain information, and to perform assignments and tasks as directed.  This course will include an internship designed to allow students to gain hands on experience working as a veterinary assistant.  Students are expected to find their own clinics and attend for a minimum of 5 hours/week to remain in the course. Students must have completed 150 clinical hours by then end of the course year.



Course Outline

  1. Practice Management and Client Relations
  2. Veterinary Animal Production
  3. Clinical Procedures


Required Materials

  1. Pen/pencil
  2. Composition Notebook
  3. 8ct Markers and 24ct Crayons
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue bottle
  6. Clorox Wipes (boys) -OR- Facial Tissue (girls)
  7. All other materials for this class will be provided



Rules and Procedures

  1.     Arrive on time
  2.     Bring materials and have them ready for class
  3.     Pick up after yourself
  4.     One person at a time will leave the room with a hall pass
  5.     No students are allowed to enter the teacher desk area
  6.     No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom
  7. Electronic devices allowed only during BYOD instruction - which is guided by the teacher.
  8.     All students are encouraged to join FFA


    1st Offense: Verbal Warning
  9.      2nd Offense: Call Parents and Lunch Detention (Student will write one full page about his/her misconduct)
  10.      3rd Offense: Referral to the Principal’s Office



FFA Membership: FFA membership is highly recommended while enrolled in an Agricultural Science course. FFA is CO-curricular NOT extracurricular! The student will have the opportunity to get involved with the community, gain leadership experience, and have to opportunity to conduct a supervised agricultural experience. We will be exploring career opportunities in Agriculture Science, and through FFA the members are also exposed to other career opportunities and can find out their strengths and weaknesses.   This is also a great organization to start a network of people for when you get ready to continue your education, job references, or even possibly they can help you find a job in your field. **3 points added to final semester grade for being a dues paying member & Bonus Points (2) for attending all FFA chapter meetings - added to a daily grade**


Grading Plan

*** Assignments not turned in on time will be assessed a late penalty of 15%. ***

* Daily Work - 75%

Any assignment that is completed inside the classroom with appropriate teacher guidance. This is to include daily grades, quizzes, homework, teacher observations, and skill demonstration.

* Major Work - 25%

Any assignment that is completed inside / outside the classroom with / without appropriate teacher guidance. This is to include unit, chapter or skills tests. Other major assignments may include projects, journals, and notebooks.



Missing work and Absence

***Only for excused absences***

* Students are responsible for obtaining their missing work assignments due to absence.

*Student has the same number of days to complete the work as were missed, all regular classwork must be turned in on time.



Semester Exam Exemption Guidelines

Students in grades nine through twelve are eligible for semester examination exemptions based on grades and attendance. Students can only exempt one semester exam, per subject per year, and may only exempt up to two semester exams per semester. Students enrolled in Pre-AP, AP and/or Dual courses are not eligible for exemptions.


The following chart correlates grades, attendance, and exemptions:


Grade Average

Maximum Course Absences


90 or above



80 or above




36-Week and 18-Week Courses: Grade averages for exemption are determined as follows:




Average of the:


1st quarter grade & the grade on the last Friday before semester exams begin



3rd quarter grade & the grade on the last Friday before semester exams begin


For eligible students who choose not to take the examination, the semester grade will be based on the average of the 1st and 2nd quarters or the 3rd and 4th quarters, depending on when the exemption is utilized.


For counting absences, the following will apply:

 All absences are counted per class period whether excused or unexcused. These absences include medical issues, prearranged absences, family emergencies, etc. The following absences do not count against exemption status with proper documentation: court, college visits (2 days maximum per school year), religious days, school-sponsored trips, Taps/Veterans Funeral, US Government papers regarding citizenship, early voting or election clerk, etc. Please see FEA Legal and FEA Local for further guidance.

 Any absence due to truancy, DAEP placement, JJAEP placement, suspension, or expulsion disqualifies a student for exemption.

 Three tardies count as one absence.

Students exempt from an exam must attend class on the day the exam is administered. An absence on that day will result in the student receiving a zero for the semester exam.



Students are required to:

  1. Track their progress and exemption eligibility
  2. Retrieve exemption forms when they become available and submit the forms to the appropriate teacher(s). Teachers will not grant an exemption without an official exemption form.


(Detach and return the below portion signed)


My parents/guardians signature as well as mine indicate that we have read and understand this course syllabus and all its content including the classroom rules/procedures.

Print Students Name: ____________________________________   Period: _______


Student Signature: _________________________________ Date: _______________


Parent Signature: __________________________________ Date: _______________


Parents/Guardians: Please provide me with a telephone number and if available an E-mail address where I can reach you.

Phone: __________________________________   E-mail:__________________________