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College Start Options

College Start provides students at HCISD a great opportunity to begin earning college credits and the ability to test and prove their college readiness while still enrolled in high school. Students and parents should discuss the College Start options with their high school counselor.


Dual Enrollment (DE) Program - The Dual Enrollment (DE) Program at the Harlingen CISD allows students to earn college credit while at the same time fulfilling high school academic or elective credits.

Qualifications:  To be considered for admission into the DE program, students must demonstrate college readiness by achieving the minimum passing standards of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). Student must meet criteria from one of the tests listed below:


-TSI– Math 350+, Reading 351+, Writing 4 and 340 or <=340, 5 and ABE 4


-TSIA Math (CRC 950 – 990) or (CRC 910 -949 & NRS 6)

-TSI-A ELA (CRC 945-990 & Essay 5-8) or (CRC 910-944 & NRS 5-6 & Essay 5-8)

-SAT– Evidence Based Reading and Writing 480, Math 530 

-ACT– English 19+, Math 19+, Composite 23


Grades and Deadlines:

-Once enrolled in a DE class, a permanent college transcript is created.

-Students must maintain good grades and should try to make no less than a B in the DE

-Students must always be aware of withdrawal deadlines each semester.

-Failure to meet these deadlines could result in an unsatisfactory grade on the college.



-Dual Enrollment classes taken at HCISD schools are free.

-Tuition, fees, and books are all paid by the district.


PAP/AP Program - The Pre-AP program prepares students for the challenges offered by the AP Program.  This program is a concentrated effort to fulfill the College Board’s mission to champion education excellence for all students.  It provides a curriculum that includes a wider range and greater depth of subject matter than that of regular courses.  Advanced Placement courses prepare students for college level work and AP examinations.  Students who participate in the program can expect to spend more time studying and preparing for classes.


Dual Enrollment Campus Contact - Please contact Mrs. Nora Atkinson or Mrs. Tracy Ocanas-Dual Enrollment Counselors for more information.  

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