Semester Exam Exemption Guidelines

Students in grades nine through twelve are eligible for semester examination exemptions based on grades and attendance. Students can only exempt one semester exam, per subject per year, and may only exempt up to two semester exams per semester. Students enrolled in Pre-AP, AP and/or Dual courses are not eligible for exemptions.
The following chart correlates grades, attendance, and exemptions:
Grade Average Maximum Course Absences Exemption
90 or above 2 Yes
80 or above 1 Yes

36-Week and 18-Week Courses: Grade averages for exemption are determined as follows:
Semester Average of the:
Fall 1st quarter grade & the grade on the last Friday before semester exams begin
Spring 3rd quarter grade & the grade on the last Friday before semester exams begin

For eligible students who choose not to take the examination, the semester grade will be based on the average of the 1st and 2nd quarters or the 3rd and 4th quarters, depending on when the exemption is utilized.
For counting absences, the following will apply:
  • All absences are counted per class period whether excused or unexcused. These absences include medical issues, prearranged absences, family emergencies, etc. The following absences do not count against exemption status with proper documentation: court, college visits (2 days maximum per school year), religious days, school-sponsored trips, Taps/Veterans Funeral, US Government papers regarding citizenship, early voting or election clerk, etc. Please see FEA Legal and FEA Local for further guidance.
  • Any absence due to truancy, DAEP placement, JJAEP placement, suspension, or expulsion disqualifies a student for exemption.
  • Three tardies count as one absence.
  • Students exempt from an exam must attend class on the day the exam is administered. An absence on that day will result in the student receiving a zero for the semester exam.
Students are required to:
1. Track their progress and exemption eligibility
2. Retrieve exemption forms when they become available and submit the forms to the appropriate teacher(s). Teachers will not grant an exemption without an official exemption form.