Attendance Policy


Regular attendance is important for all students. 

Attendance 24-Hour Answering Machine: (956) 427-3998 
Attendance Office Direct Line: (956) 364-3727 (7:30 AM - 4:30 PM)

Student's parent or guardian must call the attendance office within 24 hours of an absence to report it as excused.


If a student is absent for a doctor's appointment, the student must return to school with a doctor's excuse before the end of the school day for it to count as a medical absence and not an absence. Medical absences do not count against the student's yearly absence totals.


A student must be in class 90% of the class days, per 9 weeks, to earn attendance-based credit in that course.  For students who have not met this requirement and are at risk of losing credit in a course, they must complete the Attendance Petition Form and submit according to the timeline.


Detailed student attendance guidelines are outlined in the student handbook, available in print from the HHSS Attendance Office, in the online handbook, or in the student's registration packet.


Attendance Awards and Incentives


Semester Exemptions

Students may also be exempt from some semester exams based on grades and attendance. Read about the Semester Exemption Guidelines here.


Drive for Perfect Attendance

Students may be eligible for attendance awards at the end of the school year, including the opportunity to win a new car! Learn more about the Gillman Auto Group of the RGV Drive for Perfect Attendance Awards program here.